Welcome to California Comfort & Suites in Los Algodones Mexico.

We couldn’t help it!

For plenty of years, Los Algodones has proudly received lovely people. We noticed many of them had to cross the border each and every day. What a hassle!

Could we blame them, though? They needed a place to sleep, relax and have fun.

We couldn’t help it. We had to make your long trips easier. We had to make you comfortable.
We had to give our friends a place to stay in. That’s how California Comfort & Suites was born.

We’re here because you deserve this experience. That’s why.

Meet your next room

Unlike fast food chains, we are true to what you see. Get a clear picture of what your room will look like below. We are sure something will match watch you need.

Everything to finally get a good night’s sleep!

User Friendly

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The room that feels like a department.
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It can’t get any more comfortable than this.
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Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Margarita Restaurant provides typical American food, traditional Mexican food as well as special servings for people who had dental work done.

We’re known for our tasteful Margaritas (duh!) and the Chabela. Here’s a tip: they taste better in front of our beloved pool and our terrace at sunset.
“It’s just coffee”, some say.

We disagree. Coffee is an art. It is part of what makes a morning amazing.

“Coffee that’s worth it? FINALLY!”